I am a pro guitar player, and over the years I have played guitar for some of the country's top fiddle and violin players. So, needless to say, I have always wanted to learn a bit of fiddle but this has never proven successful. This one is a cheap and cheerful maple thing made by Tatra/Rosetti in Luby, Czechoslovakia (as was). I can't remember how much I picked it up for, but it was no more than £40+ for sure. I broke a string on it a little while back, and I've not had time/been bothered to fit another. Other than that, the fiddle is in great nick and I will enclose a new set of strings for the winning bidder to put on. The instrument comes in it's own (decent) case and has a supply of useable rosin. I am starting the bidding at £30, which sounds reasonable to me, and postage/packing will be £8. Best of luck!