Rare Fuller Chopper Featured on upcoming "Pawn Stars

This is a very rare custom, hand made bike featured on an upcoming segment of "Pawn Stars".
The builder is Brian Fuller of "Two Guys Garage" fame,
(check out the show here, ),
(check out an interview with Brian here, /BryanFuller_Interview.html).
Before he was the star of the show He worked with top-notch hot rod builder Chip Foose.
He wanted to build custom bicycles so he inked a deal with Phat Cycles to distribute them. The original intent was to make as many as the demand required. He only built about 25 before the hot rod business took up so much time that he had to set the bicycle building aside.
This is one of the first ones in the series he shipped. It was sold to a collector in Las Vegas who only road it a couple of times. The collector died recently and I bought the bike from the estate.
The bike is in excellent condition with only a couple of small paint blemishes on the tank and rear fender. The blemish on the tank is too small to get a good picture of but I have included a picture of the scratch on the rear fender.
This bike is designed with a "Double" seat for a passenger. The frame is very beefy in the rear to take the additional weight of a passenger. It has a Shimano 7 speed rear hub with a Micro-Shift twist shifter. The front rim is a rare Mavic BMX rim that was made for team
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