Fuller & Warren STEWART parlor stoves 1890's catalog

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This is a very beautiful, original c.1890's Fuller & Warren Co. catalog / pamphlet advertising their Stewart heating Stoves. It has the "STEWART" logo on the cover and inside shows photos and specs for several models of Stewart stoves including the Worthy Stewart, the Art Stewart, the Oval Stewart, the Square Stewart and 3 models of Round Stewart, all with fancy finials, decorations and trim -very neat!
It measures 8" x 5" with 8 pages.

I will be listing more heating & cooking stove related trade-cards & ephemera from Round Oak, Fuller & Warren, Penn Stove Works, Garland, Bussey & McLeod, Co-Operative Foundry Co. and others so please look through my other offerings.

A little history on The Fuller & Warren Company:

The Fuller and Warren Company has the distinction of perpetuating the business of manufacturing stoves in Troy begun by the firm of L. Stratton & Son, in 1828, at the Rensselaer Furnace, No. 42 Fifth Street. The intermediate predecessors were the firms of Johnson & Geer (Elias Johnson and Gilbert Geer), 1834, No. 42 Fifth Street; Johnson, Geer, & Cox, 1840 (foundry, west side of Mechanic Street, two lots north of Fulton Street); Johnson

The Fuller & Warren Company was incorporated on December 31st, 1881, with a capital of $600,000, having as trustees Joseph W. Fuller, John Hobart Warren, Charles W. Tillinghast, Walter A. Wood, a and Walter P. Warren. The company's extensive establishment, known as the Clinton Stove Works, comprises a number of contiguous brick buildings, from four to six stories high, occupying a plat of six acres, bounded by Madison, River, and Monroe streets, and the Hudson River. In the different departments more than a thousand workmen are employed. The stoves made by the company are of many patterns, varying in design and ornamentation to meet the demands of the trade.

The furnaces and heaters are wonders of inventive genius. At the Centennial Exhibition in 1876 , at Philadelphia, the attractive display of stoves, ranges, and furnaces made at the works was the admiration of not only American but also of foreign visitors. The beautiful parlor stove: the Splendid," fully merited the special award given its manufacturers. The celebrated Philo P. Stewart stoves, - the patents of which are now owned by the Fuller & Warren company, have been made at the Clinton Stove Works since 1859. The company has large salesrooms in New York City, Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago, and has recently erected extensive works at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to supply its western customers with cooking and heating apparatus. The present officers of the company are Walter P. Warren, president, G. G. Wolfe, vice-president, and H. A. Viets, secretary and treasurer.

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