FULLTONE MINI DEJAVIBE Effect pedal 99p SALE BARGAIN Univibe clone!

6 month old pedal that I bought so I could get sound for Jimi hendrix song - Hey Gypsy Boy - see this recording on youtube - http://youtu.be/XJrVULiNX-s . Pedal can be seen on video at end of recording. I filmed my amplifier and the pedal.

I'm putting starting price of 99p to save me paying for listing item. Pedal is in excellent condition

RRP £249.99

I went on a uni-vibe mission and reviewed a half dozen or so different models. This was my second choice, but was nearly 4X the price of my first choice. The price was not the reason I chose my first pick.
Overall, I liked the mini deja vibe a lot. It was one of only 2 pedals reviewed that did not muffle the mids and highs and boost the bass of the signal. However, it does boost the mids and cut the bass slightly, while maintaining the highs. I don't want my pedal providing EQ that I have to compensate for at the tone control on my guitar every time I switch the effect on and off, so this was still a negative for me. I think it was probably designed that way to try to make it "cut" better in the mix. I also noticed some weird impact on pick attack, that is hard to describe. You just have to hear it next to other pedals and then it becomes annoying. Of course on stage you are not comparing pedals side by side. I think this is a good choice for
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