Fully Restored Vintage Waterman Le Man 200 Fountain Pen

Hello everyone!
I recently bought a very nice vintage WatermanLe Man 200 and got it fully restored by Mr. Richard Binder (). Anybody who has had even a little bit of interest in getting the world's best writing pens would know that Richard is arguably the best nibmeister in the world! He had reground the original Waterman Ideal 18K Two-ToneGold Nib into a nice 0.8 mm cursive italic that is super smooth .
It looks absolutely stunning and shows NO signs of use whatsoever. Not even a single scratch anyw and the finish is a stunning black lacquer . I especially love the weight of the pen at 29 grams. It is also nice and long at 5-3/8 inches. Extremely comfortable to write with, and feels better than the $1,000 pens I own!
About Le Man 200 :
Waterman Le Man 100 was Waterman's flagship model introduced in 1983, commemorating the completion of 100 years of the company. Le Man 200 was introduced shortly after for those who preferred a more elegant and less thick presentation. Thus, Le Man 200 is essentially the Le Man 100 but with a slightly slimmer body. I personally prefer the Le Man 200 for its sheer understated elegance.
I am selling this to fund my next pen - a Nakaya Long Cigar in Urushi Lacquer.
I guarantee that the condition of the pen is exceptional - not one blemish or even a scratch. Do check my 100
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