Fun Foods 1984 Major League Baseball Pins

These baseball pins are really a great find. They are all from Fun Foods put out in 1984. I don't know if t were prizes in cereal or some other reward. T are lots of them in this pile. The back of the pin reads (this pin is Reggie Jackson) "Fun Foods no.16 of 133 DH avg MLBPA." They came in a set as all the pins say one number of a set of 133 pins. The pins are all color with batting average and position on the back. They are all in real good shape, almost mint. Counting the pins t are 107 of them. This is not the whole 133 set. Some of the names contained in these 107 are; R. Jackson, D. Righetti, D. Strawberry, F. Lynn, Rollie Fingers, S. Garvey, Keith Hernandez, Graig Nettles, Chris Chambliss, Nolan Ryan, B. Buckner, Ron Cey, Tom Seaver, Jim Rice (Go Red Sox), Mick Schmidt, PETE ROSE, Fernando Valenzuela, Dave Concepcion, Dwight Gooden, Tommy John, Doug Decinces, Steve Carlton, Tony Gwynn, Ron Guidry, Tony Pena and Oerl Hershiser to name a few. T are NO duplicate names in the set. These are vintage Baseball memorabilia pins for the Big League collector.