"I am a Samurai,I have no limbs,I make Promptitude my Limbs."

Creed of the Samurai


Japanese swords always bring together great technical skill and artistic excellence.Samurai sword is so revered by its owner that was often called the "soul" of the Samurai.He regards it for power and ad to his supreme creed which reflect samurais spirit thoroughly! Japanese samurai sword is regarded as most legendary sword in the world,and it holds almost magical arua all around.The sword's various components which are with highest quality and workmanship always surprising us,as Japanese in an effort to resolve the three conflicting practical requirements of a sword:unbreakability,rigidity,and cutting power.Quality Japanese swords attract lots of sword lovers world.

Full handmade Razorsharp blade by high -carbon steel.The point -of -a -sword side of a blade is a double-edged sword.imitates "kogarasu-maru" of imerial properties.which is flawless, without any bends, nicks, or other problems !

The material of this sword is "Watetsu" which is a Japanese steel made by "Tatara"(a furnace ), A especially excellent part of "Watetsu" is called "Tamahagane" and this is a main material of a Japanese sword. Tatara is a furnace , the inside looks like a ship's-bottom. Put charcoal into
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