Please look at the pictures carefully I want no problems with this auction but this is 100% Authentic bought on black Friday the real day of Black Friday by me it's been stored in a cool dry place in a protector ever since NRFB and never displayed the paint job is immaculate you won't find a better one ever I ship worldwide this is one of the most sought-after pops there is right now and made in very limited quantity. Don't take the chance buying one from anyone that uses stock photos or doesn't give you exact details there are a lot of bogus ones going around. I assure you I'm a collector like you I've been holding onto it but I'm simply not a fan of the game I'm selling it because I want the gold batgirl and superman, so I'm giving up the best looking one I've seen and I've been following them since they came out. You can see from the pictures how tight and amazing it us. It comes with a pop protector and I'm going to o acknowledge it up very well right now and have it ready for the buyer to go out so it's going to stay in this exact condition. Don't let this one pass you buy because you might get a different one and really regret it.