Funko Pop! Think Geek Exclusive Khal & Khaleesi 2 Pack Game of Thrones

Up for auction is a Funko Pop! Think Geek Exclusive Khal & Khaleesi 2 Pack Game of Thrones.
Okay this package has quite a few issues that I'll try my best to point out, but be sure to look at the pics. I took extra so you know what you're getting. It's a very cool, semi rare item now, but this is not an example of the best of conditions packaging-wise
Front - There are skuffs on the window, a crease through the pic of Khal and Khalessi, and a bit of indenting on the left side of the box.
Right Side (window side) - Some skuffing on the window, and a small stress line on the window panel.
Back - Probably the best side of this box, only some skuffing on the bottom right corner, and the bottom right side below the choking hazard verbiage.
Left Side - a dent/crease right above the "i" in the name Khaleesi. Some skuffing to the lower left of the name Khal.
Bottom - There is a small puncture hole right in the top of the pic of Khal's head. On the lower right side of the back there is a line where the packing was peeled off because of a HORRIBLE giant sales sticker that was on this box. You can also see quite a bit of little indentations where the sticker was scrapped off. All of the sticky residue is gone however.
Top - No major issues.
This might seem like a bit of an overkill description but I want
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