Fur Real Squawkers Mccaw Parrot

Manufacturer's Description

Introducing the bird that wants to be heard! SQUAWKERS McCAW the parrot is a talkin', squawkin', and totally unpredictable play pal! He's got plenty to say (and plenty of attitude!) right out of the box- and you can train him to do a whole lot more! This plush-plumed bird responds to you with more than 45 words, phrases and silly sound effects. Try recording additional words and phrases and even train SQUAWKERS McCAW to talk back to you, just like a real parrot! And just as much as this bird loves to talk, he loves to get down! SQUAWKERS McCAW sings and dances to his signature song, "Squawk, Squawk, Squawk" and your tunes too! A handy remote lets you switch between speech, dance and singing modes. He even plays silly gags, including whistling, laughing and making noises! And just like a real parrot, SQUAWKERS McCAW gets "hungry"! Feed him his cracker and he'll make yummy sounds! Go ahead and pet one of this pretty bird's special sensors to make him coo, sway, kiss or flutter his wings. He'll even play peek-a-boo! You never know what he'll say or when! But one thing is for sure. You'll always have a friend to act up, speak up and get down with SQUAWKERS McCAW.

Condition very good like new.

Complete parrot, perch, cracker & remote control.