Fur Trade Guns Rifle Pistol Misc. Items 1700's-1800's

are some excess fur Trade Era Items not needed by the owner of "The Educational Traveling Fur Trade Exhibit entitled "The Fur Trade-Minnesota's First Commerce".This is an Exhibit that has Trade Goods brought in by the Fur Companies to trade with the Natives for furs.Displays in the exhibit have Trade Axes,Hoes,Spears,Fleshers,Firesteels,Gun Parts and accessories,knives,Awls,plus displays showing how the Natives recycled some of the metal Items into something to serve a different purpose like cutting a tin bowl into strips to make Angle cones.One of the most interesting displays is one put together to show an underground Cache of trade goods.The exhibit is Rented to Banks and Businesses,Senior Citizens Centers,Museums,and Schools get to have the Exhibit along with a program for free. The items up for Auction are excess Items not needed for the exhibit. The Lake and River region of North West Central Minnesota w these Items come from,had French,British, and American Trading posts from mid 1700 through the 1800'sThese items were rescued from the same area w a small Fur Trade Axe was found.The Axe head was identified by it's Touchmark as belonging to The American Fur Trade Co.This Axe head is now in the Museum of the Fur Trade ,Chaderon Nebraska.

up for Auction are ----

-A 5 3/4 " long lead bar a little over 1/2 the
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