Furbies (Furbys) Lot of 6 (5 adults; 1 baby)

Lot of 6 Furbies

5 Adults:

Ladybug (not working) Bumblebee (moves, but doesn't make noise) Tie Dye (works) Leopard (moves, but doesn't make noise) Autumn Furby (not working)

1 Baby:

Baby Pink with Yellow Hair (works)

The "Tiger Electronics" tag on the side of the Furbies has been cut off on the following furbies: Autumn Furby, Leopard, Ladybug. Labels plus tags are still on Tie Dye & Bumble Bee. The side tag is on the Baby Furby.

One paper "Furby Intruction Manual" and one paper "Furby Furbish-English Dictionary" included.

Please e-mail if you have questions!