Furby 2012 Limited Edition Lagoona Sea Violet NIB in Hand w/ Batteries

Furby 2012 Limited Edition Lagoona Sea Violet NIB in Hand w/ batteries

These Limited Editions are the true party animals of the Furby family! With their wild color schemes and bright colored mohawks, they're just screaming "Come play with me!" Play your favorite music for them and they'll bust out their dance moves. Put two or more Furbys together and it's an instant party. Lagoona is my favorite Limited e dition. I love the cool tones of her light purple fur and turquoise ears. Her yellow mohawk and tail are the perfect accent.

I must confess to being very partial to the old school Furbys with their animal print fur and long eyelashes, but new Furby is a far more advanced little critter. It responds differently to different types of treatment. My own Furby its a sweet natured little thing that sings and giggles and croons "me love you". My husband, however, had to see what shaking his Furby and pulling its tail would do and his Furby is much more sarcastic and demanding, but will respond to gentler handling with nicer behavior.

While the iPhone/iPad app is fun, it's certainly not necessary in order to have a good time with Furby. You can feed your Furby with your finger and its LED eyes can tell you how it's feeling without any need to consult a translator. Furby's eyes can show everything from hearts

These Limited Edition Furbys are flying off of shelves and becoming impossible to find. Ours will ship to their new home in their sealed original boxes and with four batteries ready to come to life and play.

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