Furby Voodoo Purple Hasbro Electronic Talking Furby Brand New in box never used

These are sold out at stores and online!Purchase your brand new, never used purple Furby, right here! This will not last! Place your bid now!! The must-have robotic toy from the '90s has new, interactive features for the 21st century. Furby Voodoo Purple is the talking playmate who's fluent in two languages - Furbish and English. Furbish is the nonsensical language Furby speaks when you first take it out of the box. As Furby gets older and begins to form its own unique personality, it begins to leave its "native tongue" behind and start speaking English. The plush toy has expressive features that your child can interact with while playing. Speak to Furby, and Furby will speak back! It bounces and dances to music, rolls its eyes and responds to different kinds of touch with lifelike reactions - whether it's tickling, hugging or teasing. And, this new updated version interacts with the iOS app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Feed Furby food from the app, and watch it react to the yummy treats. The app also comes with a dictionary so you can translate Furbish to English.Furby Voodoo has a mind of its own. This adorable, plush friend changes its behavior based on its own unique experiences. Over time, Furby's personality is shaped by the kind of play and interaction your child gives it. Furby even recognizes one of its own. Put two ... read more