Furman Rack Rider 15

Furman Rack Rider 15 Rack Unit


The RR Series is available in three models for use
with 120 volt AC lines (North America). All are rated at 15
amps (for a total load of up to 1800 watts) combining all
A RackRider “RR” Series Power Conditioner is the
perfect accessory for any rackmount system. Install an
RR-15, RR-15-PLUS or RR-15NL in the top slot of your
rack, and the eight switched AC outlets on the rear panel
will power up and protect all your equipment up to a 15-
amp load. The RR-15 and RR-15-PLUS feature two slideout,
swiveling light fixtures to provide discreet illumination
of your equipment on stages, in studios, and in other
dark places. A dimmer knob lets you adjust the lamp
brightness to just the right level. The RR-15-PLUS adds a
bright red, three-digit LED meter that displays incoming
voltage. The RR-15NL is designed for applications where
lights are not required, and offers the same protection for
your equipment.
All RR Series conditioners protect your delicate
electronic equipment by combining high voltage varistor
(MOV) surge and transient suppressors. The fast-acting
suppression circuit quickly responds to clamp transient
voltages to safe levels. An RFI/EMI
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