Furu-Bushido Handmade Extreme Battle Ready Katana #137

Furubushidoo Fully Hand Forged Full Tang Tri-Polished Black Practical Demi-God Katana with Maintenance Kit & Deluxe Silk Katana Bag

This Furubushidoo Practical Katana is hand forged from 1065 high carbon iron wrapped steel. The edge of the blade is razor sharp hand sharpened by imported Japanese finest whetstone. After forged and heat treated, the blade reveals a prominent hand polished hamon and Tri-Polished mirror levels. The traditional heat tempering method produces HRC 60 edge hardness and HRC 40 back hardness, which provides an excellent cutting capability and allows the blade to absorb the shock of every cut or blow. Brass Habaki (blade collar) enables the blade securely fit into the Saya (Scabbard). Two Mekugi (Peg) firmly pin Nakago (Tang) into tsuka (Handle)! Above the Habaki (Blade Collar) on the blade engraved our brand "Furubushidoo" which is a Japanese character and a horse!

Black Leather Ito (Braid) and shining Saya with deep black piano lacquer make this Katana outstanding from others! The specialty of both outside and inside, and its elaborate workmanship make you feel like a real warrior when you are holding it! At the same time, its irresistible beauty makes it a gorgeous art for your home, store or bar!

This Functional Katana is suitable for Kendo, like Kiri-Kaeshi, Kakari-Geiko, Tameshigiri,
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