Fury of Dracula by Fantasy Flight Games

You are bidding on a never used Fury of Dracula board game made by Fantasy Flight Games.

The game is still in unopened and still in the original shrink wrap.

I had originally bought this game for myself after my friends didn't get it for me for my birthday although I hinted to them something fierce that it was what I wanted, so I went and bought it on EBay that night. However, they DID buy it for me, but just hadn't arrive yet, so when mine came in I already had one. This was several years ago, and I just found it as I was packing to move.

Since I already own a copy, I will have to say it is an excellent and exciting game. It takes 2-3 hours to play, but it is well worth the time. Never do I regret the time spent playing.

From the box:
For nearly a year now, you and your companions have been stalking your prey from town to town across the continent, finding signs of his evil almost everyw You've faced a multitude of nightmarish things left in his wake: wolves, thieves, weird swarms of bats, plagues, and worse still! But Dracula has always eluded you…until now! Set in 1898, eight years after the events depicted in Bram Stoker's classic novel, Fury of Dracula is a new, revised edition of the classic Games Workshop board game, featuring updated graphics and rules that allow 2 to 5 players to play. 2-4

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