FUSUNO Complete New Design EX RED EAGLE Canopy Trex 450 V1 V2 PRO

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If you enjoyed the Fusuno Trex 700N V2 canopy, which featured a sleek cutting edge design, with a sharp, pointed nose, you will love this brand new design from Fusuno, which features the same sleek, aggressive design for all 450 class helicopters that are in need for a whole new look. Fusuno is well known for their high quality fiberglass canopies & bargain costs, and with the new flexible fiberglass layout and beautiful automotive paint finishes, these canopies are a must for anyone wanting the best for their helicopters at a bargain price. Not only does this canopy feature a stylish new design, it can also house larger batteries over stock 450 canopies, allowing greater flexibility in battery choices for your 450 helicopter. If you’re looking for a new style for your 450 heli, check out this hot, new design from Fusuno, and get one before they’re gone!

Check out the videos to see how strong and flexible the FUSUNO canopies are.

Don't forget to pick up canopy covers - Essential item to protect your beautiful canopy during transportation or storage

[product] FUP-4004BA [/product] [product]F UP-4004B [/product]

[product] FUC-4007EX [/product] [product] ACT2-EX-001 [/product] [product] FUC-TX402EX [/product] [product] FUC-4004EX [/product]


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