Futaba 14MZ PCM/PPM Digital Radio Control System

This is a Futaba 14MZ PCM/PPM , model FUTK9400, PCM G3, 2.4GHz FASST Spread Spectrum digital radio system with dual internal processors. This digital radio control system is new & unused in it's Futaba 14MZ logo hard case with all original accessories it comes with from Futaba, including a R6014FS 14-channel 2.4GHz receiver.

Since the 14MZ is a module based radio, it can do both 2.4GHz (with TM-14 module) and 72MHz (with MZ-FM synthesized RF module) and this one comes equipped with both modules! So fly your old 72MHz models, fly your new 2.4GHz models, fly them all with this awesome Futaba 14MZ digital radio.

This radio is truly awesome. Full Color Touch Screen (use your finger or the included stylus), Reconfigurable switch customizing, Stick customizing, Servo grouping, 2,200 mAh Lithium Ion battery, and featuring the absolute nicest feeling silky smooth quad-bearing control sticks available. Plus so much more!

The included Data-Pack feature offers up to a 100 model memory using the included 32MB flash card which also offers: both audio and picture file storage, up to 24 recordable voice prompts, and stores free 14MZ updates and upgrades downloaded from the 14MZ web site.

This 14MZ was my back-up transmitter, but due to the very high quality, dependability, and durability of Futaba R/C products,
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