FUTABA Synthesized 72MHZ Transmitter Module TP-FSM

This is the optional 72MHz Synthesized Transmitter Module for the Futaba 5U,7U, 8U, 9C, 9C Super, and 10C radio systems ( FUTL8910) . You can select any channel at will, which allows you to save money by being able to purchase 72MHz Receiver on any channel, and not having to buy a specific channel RX Crystal. This replaces the unit in the back of the radio that takes the crystals. It takes 5 seconds to install.

FEATURES: Eliminates selecting and installing transmitter crystals in the 9C or 9C Super transmitters, Simply turn two dials to select any 72MHz frequency from channel 11-60

Antenna must be partially extended to avoid damage to the module.
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