Future Card Buddyfight Danger World Deck

Hello your purchasing the following cards listed �

1 danger world (flag)


Fanged dragon declaration (R)

2 survival chance (TD)

3 bold retaliation (U)

2 demon slay slash (R)

2 dimensional demon slay slash (C)

3 demon slay resurrection (U)

1 exorcist stomp (R)

3 lord aura meditation (RR)

4 battle aura circle (TD)


1 explosive axe, ricdeau demon slay (R)

3 hysteric spear (R)

3 demonic spear, swirling darkness (C)

Monster 0

1 armor knight goblin (C)

Monster 1

1 armor knight asmodai (RR)

3 armor knight kaari (C)

2 armor knight gargoyle (U)

1 armor knight hellhound (TD)

Monster 2 �

3 armor knight Cerberus "A" (R)

2 armor knight Cerberus (TD) 1 is holo �

1 armor knight griffin (TD)

2 armorknight medusa (RR)

1 armorknight griffin "A" (C)

Monster 3 �

1 armorknight bahamut (RRR)

Any questions just hit me up and I'll get back to you asap