back to the future minimates new mib

up for bid is four new in box minimate sets based on the hit movie back to the future. The sets come from a smoke free home and have been stored since the day I bought them.

the sets are as follows

Back to the future 2. This set is a 4 pack that includes 2 Marty's, Doc, and Biff

Back to the future 3. this includes Marty, Doc, and a Biff all in cowboy outfits and 1 Marty in normal clothes

Back to the future 2. A 2 pack that includes Old Biff and Marty

Back to the future. 2 pack that is the Enchantment Under the Sea from wich includes Lorraine and rockin Marty

Any questions please email me and I will be listing a few more minimate sets on ebay and if you are looking for a specific one email me. I have over 500 minimates in their original box and its time to sell some of them to make room

S/h will be $11