FUZZ FACE jim dunlop = jimi hendrix

For sale is a circular red metal face that spits out the sickist fuzz you ever heard . theres so much volume in this beast you can see why a certain mr Hendrix decided to mate it with a marshall. i found its most fun when both volume and fuzz on the face are 'full on'.. my strat loved it, you can turn the volume down on the guitar to clean it up, an maybe knock out some crunchy 'killing floor' rhythm, then whack the volume back up for the solo works a treat, with an insane amount of filth! ........you know the foxy lady intro? this things all over it like a rash.
using it with gibson (humbuckers) your stepping on the toes of the Black Keys or the Stooges, nice with some reverb too.
so many greats used a fuzz face all the jimi clones, ray vaughans, eric johnson, bonamassa's, sayce, john squire, the list is long.......so i'll finish it here.
condition: hardly used so very good never been gigged studio use mainly, theres one small paint chip on the front which you'll see from the pic easily touched up though. comes in original box aswell.
sellin it because i have far too many pedals and i dont gig it.
any questions fire away