This is a Wonderful 100% All-Original Large Ogee style shelf clock made circa1850. Was made by A VERY RARE MAKER; GEORGE BROWN! Circa 1850! This clock has all of its original parts (including the top and bottom very wavy glass with the original design in superior condition with lots of bubbles, seeds, etc.!), the original movement, original door, the original back with the original label which is all t and as perfect as we've ever seen!, the original pulleys and the original wood superior condition dial, has not been messed with at all! Remember this clock was made years before the Civil War! One thing to remember about these "oldies" is they had to be transported by horse and wagon over bumpy not paved roads or no road at all. That's why so many of them are in very poor condition - with the clock being a rare exception - as well as being so old! The case is in very beautiful condition and has a beautiful dark finish. The veneer is 99.99% perfect, including the sides. Back then folks would put newspaper over the back to protect it - and most of the applied very old newspaper is still t! The clock works perfectly and keeps very good time. It has its original 30-hour time and strike movement. The clock strikes the hour on the hour on a large gong (original). The movement runs very well and keeps good time. The clock is very easy and ... read more