G/F Sheaffer Set: Fountain Pen, Pencil, Original Case

UPDATE! If you miss out on this item, t is a small chance you might get a second-chance offer or see it relisted soon. T are a few scam artists using stolen credit cards via PayPal, and if I catch the payment in time, I can relist the item or offer it to the next highest bidder. UPDATE TO MY UPDATE! Please see all scans and read my detailed description below. All sales are final, unless I grossly misrepresented the item. Some buyers have been taking advantage of my sweet, wonderful, self :) PENS AND PENCILS: I will be listing a few vintage fountain pens and pencils tonight. I usually sell antique postcards on Ebay, but I'm selling these pens/pencils for a friend's father who has been collecting them for fifty years and is ready to part with some. When he's ready to part with his Waterman snake, I'll be in business :) My knowledge of pens and pencils is limited to the research that I've done on Ebay and from the experience I gained from selling other batches of pens. I have also purchased a book on fountain pens to help me identify some of these. This has all been helpful, but I'm still an amateur and could make some mistakes in terminology and identification. So please study the scans and email with any questions. I'll do my best to answer them.
DESCRIPTION: Vintage fountain pen and matching mechanical pencil by Sheaffer. The
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