1 g gr gram 995 Pure 24 Karats Gold BAR INGOT W/Cert Oz

1 g gr Gram 995.0 Pure 24 Karats Gold BAR INGOT W/Cert Oz Material :GOLD Weight :1 Gram (~0.0321 Troy Ounce) 995/1000 24 Karats Pure Gold Size :0.35 inch x 0.59 inch, (9mm x 15mm) Color :Yellow About
1 Gram 995.0/1000 24 Karats Pure Gold
Sealed vinyl flip with authentication certificate.
Freshly minted with a shiny finish and ready to ship.
Size: 0.35 x 0.59 Inch, (9 x 15mm)
Colour of photo is not showing of surface finish of gold bar.
IAR (Istanbul Golden Refinery) technology to produce 995.0/1000 purity gold of a high quality. IAR now inherits this reputation. The company takes into consideration the product quality, manufacturing cost, and safety of its labour force and the environment when it chooses, develops or renews its technology. In its early days, IAR used to import technology and know-how but with the expertise now developed within the company, this is no longer necessary. IAR plan to retain our leadership position in our industry by designing new machinery and equipment, developing new technologies and know-how, increasing productivity and quality and reducing costs. IAR's technology is world class and is capable of refining gold to 995.0/1000 purity in the shortest time. IAR can convert scrap or dore bullion into 995.0/1000 purity bullion in
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