G.I. Combat Boots, Basic Military Issue NWT *12-Wide *

Official Government Issue (G.I.)

Combat Boots

Boots, Combat, Mildew & Water Resistant, Direct Molded Sole

Size: 12-Wide

National Stock Number (NSN) 8430-0

Mfg'd 8 /93


These boots are Official Government Issue Military Boots ; as issued to our troops during the BDU era 80's & 90's - just prior to the War on Terrorism and the recent changes to the uniform.

This model of combat boot was the standard-basic issue boot received by all trainees upon entry at Basic Training during Reception. These issue boots were an extremely welcomed and popular upgrade during the mid 80's when they replaced the old "spartan" issue combat boot of the 60's/70's military.

They featured a pre-softened leather body with a new thick comfort cusion calf-band top, improved sole traction and also introduced the then "new" modern speed-lace system which was well received by all...a far cry from the old original combat boot of the times! These boots are the upgraded late version featuring reduced rows of speed-lace eyelets along the upper length of the boot only with standard eyelets along the lower.

These boots are solid and rugged, break-in easily and perform well in most all general applications.

Ideal for the Hunter, Fisherman, Casual Hiker,
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