G1 MLP GALAXY DIPPER PINK STARS Twinkled Eyed Twinkle Eye Vintage My little Pony

vintage G1 1985 my little pony GALAXY Pinkish purple unicorn pony withred/dark pink/white/orange mane and tail, Purple 'the plough' (Big Dipper) constellation symbol.PINKISH GEMSTONE EYES Galaxy was the stargazer - she was never to be found in the pony comic without her telescope, looking up at the stars. In the cartoon series, she was better known for being able to make her horn glow at odd intervals - and for having premonitions. In fact, she had the odd song all to herself, including the rousing 'We're Not Gonna Freeze!" in Baby It's Cold Outside. Galaxy always had the impression of being one of the more magical ponies, both in the show and in the comic -though this was never exactly said! She was sold in many countries worldwide, including the UK.