g43,k43 safety lever complete set,5 pcs total

Up for auction-Safety lever complete assy for g43-k43 rifle.New run, same attention to detail as previous parts. better pricing! This to replace that lost or broken set, or use this and save that near priceless original from loss or damage. All the parts have been faithfully reproduced from an original,down to the tool marks,radiuses,etc... So these will not be resold as originals I have stamped(t-08)on the face of the lever plate.Will not be seen when rilfe is together, but visible enough when apart not to be mistaken for an original! Lever Made from 1045 steel,heat treated during bending to around 35 rc.The plate area may not be quite as hard-avg-20 rc.(I tested some with a hammer and they do not break!) Plunger made from 1045 steel also, but heat treated throughout to 40-42 rc. Both heat treated parts were matched in hardness as close as possible to 3 different original samples tested. Includes 2 slightly different snap rings,one metric, one english size.Use which ever one fits your rifle tightest! New spring,exact o.d, length, wire size, and tension. Only difference is these are plated spring steel(actually this is an upgrade from the original) Lever (AND PLUNGER) are Black oxide treated for long life and will hold finish! Have had rave reviews of my lever!! Now get the complete assy, with the same attention to detail. Have other ... read more