G436: Japanese stand for plate KARAKI wood. IMARI etc 2


CONDITION : Very good. ( This is new one. )
SIZE :Width 8.5×6": Height 8.4" : Weight 390g
This is a stand for plate of Japanese wooden ware.
This is made from popular KARAKI. KARAKI is a general term for hard Chinese wood.
There are three steps of positions of a support.
By shifting the position of a support,
the angle of a plate can be changed or the plate with which size is different can be decorated.
Please purchase it at this opportunity, and please decorate plate of old Imari etc...
In order to avoid a trouble, please be sure to read the following "ABOUT SHIPMENT" etc.

EMS Sea mail
USA, Canada, Oceania, Middle East
USD 30.80 USD 19.60 USD 34.60 USD 29.00 Europe
USD 30.80 USD 19.60 USD 40.10 USD 29.00 Asia
USD 25.10 USD 16.90 USD 25.90 USD 25.90 Africa, South America
USD 39.00 USD 22.30 USD 56.80 USD 32.70 Japan by Post office Service Yu-Pack ASK

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I have four shipment methods. Please read the following carefully.
And please recognize the characteristic of each method.

1, AIRMAIL ( Comparatively cheap and fast method. But it has some restrictions. )
The maximum
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