G939: Japanese traditional KAGURA mask TAKEMINAKATA-NO-MIKOTO


CONDITION : Good. ( Used. No cracks and no chips. )
SIZE : Width 7.9 in : Length 3.9 in : Height 9.4 in : Weight 440 g
This is a KAGURA mask "TAKEMINAKATA-NO-MIKOTO" of Japanese plaster with color.
This was made about 30 years ago.
KAGURA is a specific type of Shinto theatrical dance with roots arguably predating those of Noh.
TAKEMINAKATA-NO-MIKOTO is one of famous God of a Japanese mythology.
He appears as a child of OOKUNINUSHI-NO-MIKOTO.
And, he is deified as SUWA-MYOJIN in Suwa Jinja in Nagano Prefecture.
He is God of SUMO wrestling and is also God of military affairs.
This is the very good KAGURA mask seriously made by the specialist.
Please purchase at this opportunity, and add to your Japanese collection.
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