GA Westerns Johnny Mack Brown/Red Ryder/Jace Pearson

Before providing the details about the comics in this listing, I'll issue my standard grading disclaimer. I am not a professional comic book grader or broker but have collected off and on for about 35 years. I use the Overstreet grading definitions as my guideline and try to give fair and accurate descriptions. As you can see from my feedback, I have begun, and intend to continue, to develop a reputation as a trustworthy seller, consistently delivering as much or more than described.

This listing is for a 6 comic lot of Golden Age westerns. In the interest of keeping this listing to a reasonable length, I'm not going to include quite as much detail about the individual books as I normally do.

Jace Pearson # 4 : Very Good condition. Flat and solidly put together with tanning around edges of interior. Cover is nice, sharp, and reflective.

Johnny Mack Brown #9 : Very Good +. Really nice looking book with great cover color and reflectivity. Interior pages are off-white. Very slight spine roll and book lies flat. I'm tempted to rate this book Fine but tanning around the outer edges of the interior covers holds me back.

Bill West #10 : Again, Very Good. Biggest flaw is the tanning that can be seen in the picture around the edges. It's flat with a tight spine and supple pages. This book is narrower than a normal
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