GABBA GABBA HEY UK Northern Punk Fanzine - 1977 - Sex Pistols Buzzcocks 999

With the Jubilee upon us it seems a good time to bring this out of the loft and give it an airing:


Completely original Middlesborough based fanzine of the Punk/New wave era - articles, interviews, photos, record reviews.

Contains Interviews with: Sex Pistols/Johnny Rotten, Buzzcocks, Doctors of Madness, Radio Stars.

Gig reviews: Sex Pistols at Middlesborough Rock Garden, Mont De Marsan Punk Festival in France, The Only Ones at The Rock Garden.

Bands of the day mentioned - Elvis Costello, The Count Bishops, Blitzkreig Bop, Bladze, Penetration.

Loads of photos, articles, ads - and some political stuff too (Smash the National Front).

May be of interest to someone out there?

UK P & P £2.20 - Overseas please ask.