GAF View-Master w 28 Reels Disney, Isis, Hot Wheels +

GAF View-Master Gift Pak/Disney Favorites. 28 Stereo Picture Reels in all (some others included with the Disney reels). All the items are packed in a round canister. The View-Master itself is Made in U.S.A. by GAF Corporation in Portland, Oregon. It is made of a hard durable plastic material. Works fine. Each reel has 7 stereo pictures.

The reels (some have booklets included) are:

"The Wonderful World of Disneyland MAIN STREET & PRIMEVAL WORLD". with 16 page illustrated read-along booklet and 3 accompanying reels. Views include: Main Street Station; Horseless Carriage, Fire Engine; Main Street Aglow with Lights; Battle of the Dinosaurs and more. "The Wonderful World of Disneyland FANTASYLAND". Includes 16 page illustrated read-along booklet and 2 of the 3 reels (missing Reel "B"). Views include: Sleeping Beauty Castle; Sleeping Beauty; Made Tea Party Ride; Small World Happy Clock; Fantasyland Fireworks and more. "ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS". Includes 16 page illustrated real-along booklet. Only Reel B of 3 reels is included. Reels A and C are missing. (missing its storage envelope). Disney's "TARZAN". No booklet. 3 Reels included in View-Master . In a View-Master paper sleeve. 5 More Disney Reels: "Disneyland"; "Bambi"; "Mary Poppins"; "Sleeping Beauty"; and "Donald Duck". 3 "Hot Wheels" Stereo Reels. 3
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