Gaiking Short Vane Fin Missile Set of 6 - Popy Mattel Unifive Shogun Warrior


Set of 6 Short Vane Fin Missiles

Shogun Warrior Jumbo Machinder Robot

Popy Mattel Unifive

Exquisite reproductions of the original Clipped Vane Fin Projectile Missiles.

Made in two parts like the originals.

Professionally designed and crafted.

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Will fit most Popy, Mattel, Unifive Jumbos

Gaiking, Mazinga, Grendizer, Goldorak, Battle Fever, Tetsijin T-28 Gigantor, Sun Vulcan, Daltanious

Voltes V, Danguard Ace, Popy Daimos, Popy Granzel, Big DAI - X Bomber, Popy Skyzel.

These are intended for adults collectors.

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