3 gallon Moonshine Still - E85 Distiller Thumper Still

3 gallon Boiler with 1 gallon Thumper Still made using high heat lead free plumbing solder with an water soluble flux; no toxic material used in the making of this distiller.

You will be getting

Ten pages of detail instructions with pictures from setting up your still. (Set up time 5 to 10 minutes). Information on a simply way on setting up your on charcoal filtering system w you can run your alcohol through the system for days.
Including with your new still are two recipe with instruction that works great with this distiller. For the hardcore hobbyist instruction on making your on yeast. Atwo gallon stainless steel condenser container as shown in the picture that allow the finish product to come out cold. An interchangeable boiler pot stacks. The straight bar stack connector products a high alcohol by volume (ABV), the 90 degree stack connector products a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) coming from the boiler pot. The finish product coming from the Thumper gives more purity to the food ethanol (alcohol) and higher alcohol by volume (ABV).

This is a 3 gallon boiler, with a 1 gallon Thumper Distiller, capable of putting out blue burning alcohol, that is if you want to take the hobby farther than making water. This still does not require running water or plastic water lines. The distiller will get very hot and plastic

Sealing the lid on the boiler pot & thumper
You will get three large metal clamps to hold the lid on. The best way to seal your steam inside the still is use a doe paste, plus using the clamps. The heat from the still will cook the doe and it makes a great seal and leaves no after taste like a rubber seal would. You will get instruction on sealing the still to hold in the steam.

Why do you need a Thumper?
The Thumper acts as your second distiller and purity is improve during the process by using a Thumper. The steam coming from the main boiler pot is being passed to the Thumper steam intake copper pipe stack, which condenses to liquid once inside the Thumper. This condense liquid rises above a copper pipe that is inside the Thumper, soon the steam will bring the liquid inside the Thumper to a boiling point and passing the steam through the copper coil. Because the liquid inside the Thumper is being under the steam intake copper pipe this may causes a thumping sound and that is w it gets the name “Thumper”

You only need to do one run to get a blue burning alcohol (food ethanol).

When looking at the picture of the still on the stove the boiler pot is only being heated.No heat or adding anything to the Thumper is required. The Thumper is what is processing the alcohol.

You can use a propane burner on the boiler pot rather than your kitchen stove. The 10 foot copper coil will adjust easy. (If you need 10 more feet of copper coil please let me know and I will add $15.00 to your invoice),

Having a Thumper is necessary for the making of pure liquor such as whiskey, vodka, gin, etc…

Making E85 to run in your vehicle can be made from this distiller with a few other supplies .

After making your alcohol you need to dry the alcohol and this can be done by using Zeolyle to remove the remaining water from the alcohol. Getting 200 proof alcohol (ethanol), you will need the 3-angstrom size in the Zeolyle. Zeolyle is reusable by drying after using.

After drying strain the 200 proof through a fine screen making sure t are no particles in the alcohol.
Next denature the alcohol with gasoline: 85% 200 proof alcohol (ethanol) and 15% gasoline = E85

If you are wanting to get 200 pro...
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