The Game of LIFE Simpsons Edition - Good Condition 2004

This is The Game Of LIFE - The Simpsons Edition. Made by Milton Bradley (2004).

The game is used. The plastic banker's tray is missing, but other than that, and parts and pieces are complete and in good condition. It has the original instructions. The box is also in very good condition. T is a ding on the top edge of the top cover, but other than that, it is in perfect condition.

From the box: Wlcome to the Simpson's Way of Life. Will you get an education or a cool tatoo? Maybe you'll invent the Flaming Moe, drive the monorail or raise tomacco. Perhaps you'll join the Stonecutters or catch a three-eyed fish or appear in the next McBain film. Just beware of all-syrup super-Squishees, Quetzlzacatenango peppers, and the exotic wishes of Princess Kashmir. Make your mark on Whacking Day and you might retire to Monty Burn's Manor. Or forget all that and just play this great game."


Gameboard 6 Plastic Car Pawns Pink and Blue "People" Pegs 3 Mountains Bridge 7 Buildings Spinner Play Money, Insurance Policies and Promissory Notes 25 LIFE Tiles Deck Of 36 Cards

Ages 9 to Adult For 2 to 6 Players

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