Gamma World-TSR-LEGIONS OF GOLD 7503 & FAMINE IN FARGO 7502 (1981)-2 MODULES!

Gamma World Post Apocalypse RPG Adventure Module GW1
Legions of Gold & GW 2 FAMINE IN FAR-GO

This is a TSR #7503 GW1 Legions of Gold adventure module & #7502 FAMINE IN FARGO adventure module. For use with the Gamma World role playing game. They were released in 1981 and they are for beginning and intermediate level characters.


This is the first module put out for use with Gamma World by TSR. It contains the main Legions of Gold adventure, several mini-adventures which lead up to it, background information, and special player and referee maps. Here are some excerpts from the notes of Ydal Eilffik - Professor at the University of Horn (near where the adventure takes place). " all know that there is much to worry about in these difficult times, but the skies have grown darker in the past few weeks, as if an omen of destruction hangs over us all. Baron Jemmas, the Warder, has been very preoccupied in recent weeks. This bothers me, for the mind of the ruler of the Barony of Horn ougth to be clear, since his decisions affect us all. I can only hazard a guess at the problem that afflicts him for only cague rumors of the trouble have reached my ears. In the past several weeks there have bene raids on several outlying towns of the barony by mysterious golden marauders. Whether these are creatures
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