Garbage Pail Kids 2nd Series FULL WAX box CASE FRESH BEAUTIFUL NM+ MINT 1985 USA

ITEM: Garbage Pail Kids series 2 WAX box 48 packs BEAUTIFUL CASE FRESH BOX 48 packs - Very RARE - you will rarely find a full 2nd series wax box on Ebay in case fresh condition - i have 2 of these that have been wrapped for years...purchased the box as case fresh and it has been stored that way since. Easily one of the tightest, nicest looking wax boxes i have ever seen.

2nd series wax box's in this condition do not come along very often. NM+/MINT !!

perferations on box are 100% in tact and perfect - Box top is flat without any wrinkles or creasing - rare


POLICY: You will always receive the exact card that is in the picture. I use a very nice scanner so that my buyers are always able to see a great representation of the card/cards you are purchasing. I try to give an honest and accurate description of my cards and provide high quality pictures for you to view before deciding on your purchase. All sales are final unless i have grossly misinterpreted the condition or description of the item. I will always do whatever I can to make sure that I accurately and most often under-grade my cards so that you will be happy with your purchase.
SHIPPING: All items will be securely shipped in Ultra Pro soft penny sleeves and inserted into a new Ultra Pro top-loader for ultimate protection and
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