Garbage Pail Kids Cards..Series A ...Lot of 80

Great collection Of Garbage Pail Kids Cards!

Total of 80 cards!!

Includes ( 3 ) 8a..Adam Bomb cards!!

Sell single or add to your collection!

Card Numbers are as follows..

4a Qty-3 5a, 7a, 8a Qty-3, 9a,12a,15a,17a,18a, 20a, 22a, 25a, 28a, 29a,

31a, 34a, 35a, 38a, 39a, 42a, 45a, 48a, 49a, 50a, 55a, 56a, 61a, 63a, 64a,

65a, 67a, 72a, 73a Qty- 3, 74a, 82a,83a, 86a,89a, 90a,91a,97a,99a,100a,

103a, 104a, 107a, 109a, 110a Qty-3,112a,114a, 115a, 116a,118a,121a, 122a,

123a, 152a, 154a, 184a, 193a, 208a, 214a, 209a, 226a, 229a, 236a, 240a,245a,

Didi T. card no number

Good shape for being over 30 years old and no plastic protectors.

Some corners a bit frayed(rounded) for lack of a better description....a few bend marks in some of the cards. (not adam bomb)

Most cards have no frays or bends. Stickers all firmy in place.