Garbage Pail Kids GRAB BAG Lot -Series 12 packs, Balloons, Adam Bomb Folder

Up for grabs is an awesome unique Garbage Pail Kids Grab Bag. This unique GPK grab bag includes rare items and is a perfect way to expand your collection. The series 12 packs were made in 1988. All other contents of this lot were made in 1986. This could also be a perfect gift for that special person in your life who is addicted to the world of GPK.
Grab Bag includes :1 sealed package of GPK Balloons 12 sealed packs of GPK 12th series cards 2 GPK Folders 6 sealed GPK Buttons
Balloons - Package includes 9 - 7 inch round balloons. Balloons feature various GPK characters. Package is in excellent condition.
Series 12 packs - There are 12 sealed packs of the 12th series cards. 5 cards per pack, for a total of 60 pack fresh cards. Packs are in excellent condition. Gum is still fully intact in 11 out of the 12 packs.
Buttons - are all sealed in their original plastic. These buttons were taken directly from a fresh box.
Includes :Fresh! - Dead Ted Ouch! - Unstitched Mitch Hot Stuff! - Oozy Suzie Smile! - Patty Putty Radio Active! - Adam Bomb Bad! - Greaser Greg
Folders - show minor signs of shelf wear but no significant flaws. GPK Folders were not released in any sort of packaging other than the factory box. Each side of the folders have a different GPK character. These folders have been part of a collection
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