Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 8 Complete Set with Extra Cards

Selling off more of my sets of Garbage Pail Kids.
This is the complete original 8th series. These came from me collecting them as a 10-12 year old kid. I handled them with TLC, but nonetheless, handled them. They've never been in sleeves, spent the bulk of their life in shoeboxes. As we're cleaning out the house a bit, I'm selling them off.
The first pictures show the complete set of cards. The last is all the extras that are included to the winner. Maybe that'll help you complete another set you had?
The complete set is in awesome condition. Maybe a stubbed corner on a card or two, but no writing, creasing, folding, or any of that mess. The bulk of the extras are in comparable shape, but (for example) the checklist cards were marked.
I've got multiple items up. I can work with you to combine shipping should you be fortunate enough to win more than one item.
Thanks for looking and .