Garbage Pail Kids Wax Box 36 ct. | Posters 1986 +3 more

For sale is a full Wax Box of Topps Garbage Pail Kids Posters
Year: 1986
Series: 1st Series Posters (set of 18)
Pack count: 36+3 bonus (included within original box) 39 packs total!
Box: Good (All sides are still held together nicely with the original glue. Perforations coming undone, side flap folded in, black line across the top. Some dirt on flap)
Packs: Near Mint (All still sealed, unopened wax packs. Assorted. You will probably not get two full sets of posters from this box. If you'd like a complete set, see my other auctions.)
Please note that my grades are not official and are subjective but if you read below, I am happy to go into any specific detail and answer any pertinent questions you may have.
More information: Please email me for more detailed photos or other questions. I am happy to answer you as quickly as I can with detail.
Other Auctions: I am selling many old Garbage Pail Kids (Series 6, 9, 10, 11, Posters) and other Wax Boxes at this time. Please check my other listings and if you are fortunate enough to win more than one auction, I will combine shipping on all items.
Shipping: I will ship all items timely and packed securely and will ship within a business. Because I have had a problem with USPS in the past I will state that I have fulfilled my obligation
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