Garden Secrets, Set of 8

1. Nine Lives; Plate No. 8392A

2. Floral Purr-fume; Plate No. 4726A

3. Bloomin' Kitties; Plate No. 3344A

4. Kitty Cornerd; Plate No. 4019A

5. Flower Fanciers; Plate No. 4260A

6. Meadow Mischief; Plate No. 3050A

7. Pussycat Potpourri; Plate No. 2728A

8. Frisky Business; Plate No. 3705A

Garden Secrets is a limited-edition collector's plate series capturing the lush, colorful beaty of bountiful gardens and the adorable kittens who come to play in them.

All in original box with COA.