GARFIELD JON NERMAL How R U Feeling Magnet Collection

Now you can express your feelings with the help of Garfield, Jon, Odie and Nermal. The unique magnet set comes with a HUGE 4"x6" magnet that features hilarious and fun facial expressios direct from your favorite Garfield and Friends episodes, and classic Garfield TV Specials.
You also receive a smaller "frame" magnet that allows you select your feelings for the day....week....or minute! (You moods can change as often as Garfields!)

Great fun for around the home or office. Keep it on your fridge or filing cabinet, and the Garfield gang will always be t to help you through the day!

These TOP QUALITY magnets are THICK, with durable coating that will make them last a lifetime! As Garfield would say...."Nice Touch!"

Only 100 Garfield 'How Are you Feeling Today" magnets were produced. In addition to our ebay listings, we sell many every weekend at Comic Book and Pop Culture Show events across the country. When are stock runs out, t will be NO MORE AVAILABLE. Don't miss out!!

Shipping and Handling Charges: $2.50 FIRST CLASS MAIL in the UNITED STATES

Order additional magnets and only pay $1.00 extra shipping for each magnet!
"SAMPLE" watermark does not appear on actual product!

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