Garlock Sheet Gasket, Style 900 Round - Asbestos

Twelve (12) Asbestos Gaskets cut in circle. Each gasket has portions of the Garlock name, logo and style no. 900. All the gaskets appear to have been hand cut or at least not cut with any exact precsion (see Images 4 & 5). These gaskets are composed of chrysotile asbestos.

Each gasket measures approximately 7.5" in diameter and are approximately 3/4" wide.

From catalog (see Image 6): Style 900 made of Compressed Chrysotile asbestos with SBR binder to be applied to Steam, gas, air and other services at temperatures to 700°F. Not recommended against extremely hot oil, organic solvents or strong mineral acids. Used on pipe flanges, boiler manholes, gasketed joints on steam engines, compressors, internal combustion engines, pumps or other equipment

WARNING: This material contains asbestos and asbestos exposure can cause asbestos-related illness.

NOTE: The listing on eBay, packaging and shipping of this material complies with eBay policy and USPS shipping requirements. This item will be shipped wrapped in plastic and labeled as Class 9 material. This material is mailable through the U.S. Postal Services as a miscellaneous hazardous material that qualifies as an ORM-D material.