Garnet var. Spessartine¸ Muscovite Mica & Microcline Feldspar - Location: Fujian Province¸ China. Small Cabinet. we have a most unusual and¸ to say the least¸ uniquely odd specimen of a microcline feldspar crystals with numerous spessartine garnet crystals growing on the surface of feldspar crystal and also some crystals of muscovite mica. The feldspar crystal formed as a thin elongated tabular crystal With garnets and muscovite mica crystals growing on all sides (including the thin edges! The garnets are all well formed¸ sharp and have a beautiful orange color. The garnets are very gemmy and have a glassy luster. The mica crystals are also well formed and sharp¸ forming hexagonal platy aggregates. The feldspar is a yellowish- white and forms as an elongated flat tabular crystal that is well formed and sharp. This is a very showy combination specimen.
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