Garrard Model AP76 vintage single record playing transcription turntable


A combined 3 Speed Record and Size Selector sets the unit for playing single records automatically and caters for :-

33.3 rpm x 7", 33.3 rpm x 10", 33.3 rpm x 12", 45 rpm x 7", 78 rpm x 12"

The Garrard AP76 is a transcription quality 3- speed single record playing unit of exceptional elegance, featuring automatic play and incorporating fingertip tab controls for simplified operation.

Namely :- Auto Stop/Start switch, Manual On/Off switch, Cueing Play/Lift switch.

Also caters for Bias compensation, calibrated for spherical and elliptical styli is adjustable.

Anti - Skating Adjustment.

Platter: 267mm

Speeds: 33.33rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm.

Motor: 4-Pole induction.

Included in the auction is the Original "GARRARD MODEL AP76 instruction manual" which is in excellent condition.

Also included is the Smoked Perspex Dust Cover - there is however a crack on one of the vertical sides (may be discernable in the 2nd photograph just to the right of the bottom corner)

The unit is Black colour and mounted on a Teak coloured wooden plinth.

Overall for its age, the unit is in very good condition and good working order. All functions work as intended.

Due to its weight (approx 7.5kg)
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