Garrard RC 121 Mk II Auto 4 spd turntable EV cartridge

Offered for your consideration is a completely rebuilt Stereo Garrard record changer in excellent restored condition. I've put many cycles of records through this machine and it performs perfect and plays beautiful. It is a perfect player to enjoy those old 45's and I like it for playing multiple LP's too. Its funny, another 500.00 CD player broke this week (JVC), that makes at least 10 CD players in the last 10 years that have crapped out and are now garbage, yet this turntable from 1957 still plays and performs perfect.

This turntable is pretty!

The plinth is real wood and is original to the turntable. It was hand sanded and then re-coated with Minwax Bombay Mahogany PolyShade finish. T are 8 coats of Minwax poly stain all hand sanded between each coat for a mirror smooth finish. Then t are another 10 coats of Minwax clear polyurethane also hand sanded between each coat to create a mirror clear reflective finish like piano black but in Bombay Mahogany color. Countless hours were spent to create this outstanding reflective finish on the plinth. You can see in the pictures that reflections in the finish are crystal clear.

This unit has a removable 3 prong Garrard head-shell with an Electrovoice Model 21 cartridge and a brand new diamond stylus. The original stylus is also included and may still be good
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