3.75" Rosewood Garry Kasparov Signature Chess Set
Rosewood and Maple Garry Kasparov Signature Chess Board
Leather and Velvet Garry Kasparov Signature Carrying Case
This is the full Garry Kasparov signature chess set/board/case combination that was available for only a few months in 1994, making it a very rare collectible. The set is unused and in its original box, and was manufactured by the company Guigou, before the House of Staunton gained such popularity with the USCF.
This set was sold in 1994 through the United States Chess Federation (USCF), with an original catalog price of $485.00, according to the February 1994 Chess Life issue, and was available only until February 15, 1994.
The set was designed and commissioned by World Champion Garry Kasparov, with large, rotund knights and rooks, and triple weighted pieces. The set was offered in Rosewood and Ebony with Boxwood, and this is the Rosewood/Boxwood combination. The chess board is also a work in itself, made of walnut and maple, with 2" squares and the Kasparov name plate. The board and pieces fit into the red velvet interior of the leather case, also with the Kasparov name plate.
Please feel free to ask questions. The only other website I've found with information and pictures is: /chess/sets/kasparov
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